Part of accomplishing task 1, Anniza and I split the work for getting both the BVN and the ARUP floor plans ready for the shortest path algorithm within grasshopper. I drew the short straw and ended up modeling the whole BVN floor.

After deleting all the shit hatching lines and obstruction lines within the floor plan drawings, the shortest algorithm within the grasshopper file was able to be flow throughout the plan.


Make sure you have the Grasshopper plug in for trialling shortest path Installed. You can find it at

Bring on the Pain

There has got to be a better way then how I did it so if you do know a better wya, please comment below.

Basically, Anniza in her last post kind of went over the process for getting the furniture outside of the region for testing path determination within ARUPS office, so I am no going to repeat what she said. All I am doing is showing how it can be implemented into BVN instead.





You can find the actual files at this dropbox link: