The experiment aimed at defining the difference in RSSI as a person walks between two Rpi.


Person moving(Tiara and walking speed) Height of the beacon on moving person Height of the RPI (ceiling or mid height)

Set up

experiment 5 set up

2 different heights: mid height (…m) and just below ceiling (2.55m) -+ 10m, regular walking speed

Estimote sticker worn as a necklace from same person (tiara) Walking back and forth: towards Raspberry Pi and faced away from Raspberry Pi Start scan and finish scan when finished walking Make sure to have direct line of sight between transmitter and receiver

Roughly 25-27s walking 22m, so roughly 50-52s walking +- 22m.

The Expected Results

expected results

The actual Results

results graphed

Problem with this outcome.

We can;t identify any differentiation between the rssi value from 1m away from the base Station and 22 Meters. Therefore we need to develope or further experiment with other methods of identifying how far away someone is from the reciever, not based on their RSSI value.