Tiring day at the office today, did some cool shortest pathing in Dynamo.

Last Friday, we individual had a presentation to the industry partners. My aim for using indoor tracking data would be based around understanding the spacial utilisation of employees and how we can use that data to influence future design decisions. Below is the presentation.

Theres actually a lot of detail within the comments, but it doesn’t look like Google slides likes embedding it. Clicking on the Google Slides at the bottom right might show up.

The comments were generally positive and informative on future directions. One specific comment address a question: Are people even using ABW space effective? And to that we can identify patterns of people standing in one space over long periods. Some more points I would look into would be more on the visualisation, Anniza’s presentation was quite heavy on ideas which could be good for representation. Also understanding what designers need.

Next few post would probally be about either shortest pathing, more Javascript problems and/or more tested deployment.