Because we no longer have class on Tuesdays, we are at ARUP conducting experiments. Two things we need to find out: which RPi is better at receiving information(Rpi 2 or 3) and what is the average detection of RSSi over Time.

Experiment: Average detection and comparison of Rpi 2 vs 3

Stationary and moving with Rpi 2 vs Rpi 3

Testing for: which one is more accurate. How: Which one picks up the strongest rpi(more fluctuation or less, more frequent received RSSi or not)


Time: we experiment 1, min 2 minute 10 minutes and found it wasn’t a long enough time period to determine the average number of detections over time. Therefore we will try it for 1 hr this time. That is a long time for someone to be standing in one position so we will hang the beacon from the ceiling on a string instead.

Set up

Rpi –> 1m –> 2m –> 3m –> 4m –> 5m –> 6m –> 7m –> 8m –> 9m –> 10m

———————- o Rpi 2
———————- o Rpi 3



TD = Total detection over a period of time. TT = Total time A = Average detection of RSSi for a distance,

set up 1

set up 2

set up 3

set up 4