Attempted to create the boundaries/obstacles of ARUP in GH to generate a shortest path algorithm when we go off and do our own angles. T offered to do BVN ;)

Initially was starting to trace around the obstacles and create an offset to create clearance as people are more inclined to walk towards the a little further away from a corner of a table. But found out its probably not the best way to do this.


Imported dwg. files into Rhino at 1:100, so tis’ scaled properly. However, it imported as blocks which meant i had to explode it all into its all separate curves and group them back together into its respectable furniture groups to make it easier to select.

Then i referenced it back in gh and used convex hull to shape the boundaries. Worked well for the ones that were in more box shapes.

concave hull

But for the funkier looking shapes, I had to divide the curves into more points in order to wrap around the funkier geometry.

not wrapping wrapping

Had problems with the wall where it would not want to create the boundaries, so I traced around it and worked fine.

Final shape: obstructions

So afterwards, BD had went along and tested out the shortest path plugin and alas!


Considering it takes a while to compute, will consider about reducing the delaunay mesh as we go along and refine the access point locations.