Experiment 7

Experiment 7 is just a modified version of experiment 6 but repeated and ran consistently. What we are looking for Say we do this experiment and the pattern/shape of results are consistent, in the future how will we tell the system to look for a specific pattern or shape? We aren’t sure yet, but this could help us with our next problem if we did, determining what is the closest BaseStation, as it would know roughly, that this is the signal the BS receives when it is closest to something.

experiment 7

This diagram is pretty much the same as experiment 6 only we repeated the turns 4 times and with only 10 second intervals per 15 degrees(otherwise it would have run for 40 minutes which is a long time to be standing). We also ran it continuously for 20 minutes, that is every turn took 4 minutes. Also we started by facing the 1m mark and turned in a clockwise direction.

experiment 7 annisa

What we did with the data

Exporting Terminal as a json

I know this has been said ages ago but I thought it would be good to json include it anyway for any readers who haven’t seen it. a quick way to export the terminal as a json file is after the testble.py output.json .

This will make a new json file in the same location as the testble.py file you are about to execute. It will take a few seconds to think but you will get a clean run of the info you need which will make life easier for plotting it into some graph producing thingy like matplotlib .


Results are yet to come, probably be up tomorrow morning along side experiment 8(fingers crossed). We are just going through Ben’s tutorial:

http://matplotlib.org/ https://github.com/tuksun/BlankMindBlog/blob/gh-pages/helpers/experiments/ex6/raw_data/polar_exploration.ipynb

as well as installing a few more processing tools like Anaconda and Canopy.

Downloads and instructions

  1. https://support.enthought.com/hc/en-us/articles/204470130-Using-enpkg-to-update-Canopy-EPD-packages?flash_digest=deba8a20b72f081b0bebdc8351a313fad98df8e2

  2. https://ipython.org/install.html