There is a term called Teleology which I am getting aqainted with.

According to wikipedia, Teleology (from Greek telos, meaning end or purpose) is the philosophical study of nature by attempting to describe things in terms of their apparent purpose, directive principle, or goal. A purpose that is imposed by a human use, such as that of a fork, is called extrinsic.

Basically, it talks about how you are to work from the ‘best-case’ scenario’ to the ‘back-end’ stuff. Most of my time has been spent, buildings code and algorithms to support where I can place a person within a space, however what Teleology requires is to first focus on the goal(measuring face-to-face interactions) and then work backwards.

The ideas is that you start with something impossible, that no one has done yet and do it well, then work backwards over other things that have been figured out before, but require time to be set up. Engineers, scientists, blah blah blah can work out how to use Indoor positioning systems to find the placement of a person(much like a satellite positions a person on the ground), however automating the observation of potential interactions within an office space environment is kinda new territory and far more interesting.

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