Lack of posts recently ..

But have been dabbling between different things. Those things are:


  • After a meeting with Hank last week, got some general points of feedback. First and foremost, possibly rethink the change of direction of the thesis from visualisation to more movement analysis. (More that i think about it, movement analysis is still somewhat going to lead towards making a visualisation, as in if someone was to ask me ‘how do you analyse human movement’…my answer, with a visualisation). Have been doing more reading and some writing and hope to come to a conclusion sometime soon…key word hope.

  • motivation: add more stuff about the brief arup and bvn provided as I had no mentioned much about it in the last thesis submission.

  • just some general shuffling around of information and weekly thesis meetings with Hank to make sure there is more transparency with our thesis progress.

Deployment Plan:

  • Well the plan (well try) is to scab some of MB’s (and possibly arup, although point of contacts are unavailable for a few weeks) time before Friday to go through any alarming things about the deployment before finalising the deployment plan. Have to make sure indoor positioning system is working to the point that it’s ready for a larger scale testing phase and that this is presented well so that theyre convinced to be happy to move on. Other things as fore mentioned from Ben’s comment in this post
  • think the main thing we want to talk about before Friday is to talk about the locations, incentives, presentation.

Will be doing thesis writing all day tomorrow. And rest of the week to work on viz. Will try to keep up with progress blogs about this.